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Tower Ladder 29-05, Squad 29-13, Engine 29-31 March 23, 2019
August 2019
The members of Station 29 are looking to update contact information from our past members
and family of those that have departed.   If you are a past member or family of a departed member please email your contact information to
In honor of our founding members, the many members and family 
that have been part of us since 1951 -
On the left, 2018 Rosenbauer, our newest engine - Silverton Engine 29-31 
parked next to  
On the right, 1955 TASC, our 1st owned engine - Silverton Engine 177

The Silverton Volunteer Fire Company (Station 29) and Pleasant Plains Fire Department (Station 30) under the authority of the Toms River Fire District #2 are proud to announce that we have been evaluated and upgraded our ISO Public Protection Classification of a Class 3 as of April 19, 2019. The Insurance Services Office evaluates all fire departments capabilities to provide their classification that insurance companies use in determining insurance rates. The ratings are Class 1-10 with 1 being the best. Only 5,435 out of 41,177 fire protection agencies have a classification of 3 or better in the Country. This helps our residents and business owners on their insurance rates. We are proud to attain this rating that adds to our resume of providing a great service to the property and business owners of Toms River Township.

March 9, 2019 Anchorage Harbor Condos - Bounty Court
January 1, 2019 0502 hours TRFD Case # 19-0001  42 15th Street cross of Aldo Drive

The 15th Street fire on January 1, 2019 has resulted in a family with the loss of their personal belongings. Silverton EMS and Silverton Fire Company has received numerous inquiries on donations, clothing drive and fund raisers. For those interested in helping the fire victims out, we have put together a list of household members that are in need of clothing:

Christina – Small tops, size 1 or 2 pants, and size 7 shoe

Riley – men’s small tops, 30 x 30 pants and size 9 shoe

Mason – men’s large tops, 34 x 30 pants and size 9 shoe

The above clothes and / or gift cards can be dropped off at a neighbor’s house at 261 Aldo Drive cross of 15th Street. Charlene and Chris will than see that it gets to the family to help them out. For additional information please call or text Chris at 732 620-8184. Please do not drop off anything at the fire house or first aid squad building.

Posted January 2, 2019 

2019 Officers

2900 Chief Robert Sinnott                       President Michael Cocco

2910 Asst Chief Kevin Geoghegan         Vice President Dana Mitchell

2920 Captain John Keating                     Treasurer Joe Zangara

2930 Lt Chris Hansson                            Secretary Rob Leach

2940 Lt Chris Silva                                   Secretary John Pagano

2019 Board of Trustees

Robert Clark

John Reilly

Tom Leonard

Bill Rawlins

Will Ihrig

2019 Ladies Auxiliary Officers

President Aileen Addalia

Vice President Alice DeAngelo

Treasurer Joanne Naturile

Secretary Helen Kearney

2019 Ladies Auxiliary Trustees

Ceil Cocco

Rose Senatore

Diane Garrison

Appointed Positions 2019

2960- Robert Reynolds Safety Officer

2980 - Mike Cocco Operations Officer

2990 - John Reilly Fire Police Officer

2991 - Joe Pretto Fire Police Officer

2992 - Lou DeAngelo Fire Police Officer

2993 - Mike Willson Fire Police Captain

2994 - Dave Guziejewski Fire Police Officer

2995 - Bob Hansson - Fire Police Officer

2996 - Joe Duff Fire Police Officer

2997 - Troy Brezniak Fire Police Officer

2998 - Chuck Garrison Critical Infrastructure Officer

2999 - Chris Inglis Critical Infrastructure Officer

Sean Walker Engineer

Joe Zangara Engineer Engine 2931

John Addalia Engineer Ladder 2905

Todd Boden Engineer Ladder 2905

Kieran O'Hara Engineer Squad 2913

Chris Inglis Engineer Fire Boat 2906

Tom Fischer Engineer Brush 2909

Mike Willson Engineer Fire Police 2914

Brian Tillotson Engineer Reserve Engine 2911

Joe Zangara Engineer Antique 177

OEM 6 & Marine Division

Dave Guziejewski Quartermaster

Mike Willson Quartermaster

Bill Dorman Chaplin

Rob Leach Chaplin 



Service:  The members continue its 24-hour call to serve and protect.

Objectives: The objectives shall be the extinguishing of fires and the protection of life and property.

Bravery: When risking your life to save others a quality of spirit that enables you to face danger of pain without showing fear.

Safety: With the best equipment and training, S.V.F.C. can reduce the risk to its members and the public.

Honor: The commitment necessary to perform requires excellence of character.  We inspire each other through pride, both past and present, which is a belief that every action reflects on all the members of the Silverton Volunteer Fire Company #1.

Dedication: A commitment to the objectives of our mission is an essential part of existence.












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